Stay on the Farm

We welcome kindred souls to stay on the farm in various forms of “roughing it” farm style. Stay in the cozy bus, tipi, or campground. Beauty, birdsong, frog chorus, healthy produce, agri-culture, an opportunity for some soil therapy if you want to weed a plot.  Outhouses. No wifi. The hokey pokey is what it’s all about.

Become the environment. Clothing optional swimming.

To check for availability fill out form or email

“Each day, our porous skin opens less and less to fresh air, sunlight, the touch of others, the smell of pine, rain, compost, and manure…and instead we find ourselves hunched over machines in the standard posture of reverence, bowing our heads to the humming and warm computer-pets that rest on our laps or in our palms.” (Adbusters, April 2013)


From Ganges, turn LEFT at Vesuvius Bay Road, FIRST RIGHT fork is Tripp Road, we are the SECOND DRIVEWAY on the LEFT. There is a sign for the farm and Camping for Cyclists.

We share the entrance with our neighbours, so go LEFT once in the drive (there is a sign). For the bus, veer right to the gate and go through. For camping and the tipi, go straight still you see the camping sign.


One Comment

  1. What a great place to visit! Very warm folk, beautiful farm, fun duck pond to swim in, and great for us cyclist campers!


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