Bicycle Camping

We like cyclists because they keep it simple and have a minimal impact, which increases the pleasure of camping. And cars can’t park near sites.
WHERE ARE WE? Located off Vesuvius Bay Road, we are just minutes from the ferry terminal that connects to Crofton, and a few kilometers from the centre of Ganges, the hub of the Salt Spring Island.

Directions: From Ganges, turn left onto Vesuvius Road from Lower Ganges Road, first right onto Tripp, we are the 2nd driveway on the left, turn left at the entrance, it’s a long drive with a gate midway. There are signs to direct you.There is an entrance to the farm at 432 Vesuvius as

CAMPING RATES $15 per person for one night, tax included.  Kids under 6 free, kids ages  6 – 12    $5.   We are only equipped to accept cash, PayPal or email transfer.


Our organic market garden farm has a swimming pond and 5 acres of forest. The campsites are minimally groomed, so that campers have choice about where they pitch their tents – in the grassy open on the edge of the woods or in the forest. We have three outhouses, and a sink in the woods.  No pets allowed without prior approval by Sue.



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