Meet your Farmers!


The 2016 crew!

Meet your farmers

We strive to provide sustainable, healthy and high vibrational food to our community and beyond. Duck Creek Farm was founded in 1990 by John Wilcox, a sixth generation farmer who diligently transformed thistle and reeds to the now spectacular two acres of fertile farmland.

Sue, John’s partner, has continued John’s legacy with her two children, Eland and Ella. 

This year Eland and LiMei are back from a long stint in Australia.  Chris Blaszk, and Sean Woods round out the team, with drop in help coming through WWoofers and friends.

Our property is close to St. Mary lake, beaches, bus route, and town. We grow organic vegetables, apples, herbs, and seeds which we sell through weekly markets, a CSA, and commercial outlets. We are involved in agritourism: bus accommodation, furnished tipi, bicycle camping and events: farm to table dinners, concerts, weddings and wakes.

With an emphasis on teamwork, we seek apprentices who will joyfully embrace our small farm community. We live to create harmony, beauty and sustainability in the world, and share this message through our loving production of food.



Emma and Sue

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