Sea to Seed Salt Spring Island Show. June 12, 2015

Sea to Seed Tour: June 12, 2015

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Join us as we celebrate our Resilience to these changing times. Dine with us on a beautifully local sourced dinner, and dance with us into the night. Funds raised will support the tour on its mission to network and document this back-to-the-land movement amongst the Gulf Islands.

Friday June 12, 2015
Duck Creek Farm, Salt Spring Island
Welcome 4pm
Local Food Feast 5pm
Music, dancing, and networking 7pm till late

Farm to Table Feast and evening entertainment $50
Evening Portion only $15
Tickets in advance at Thrive Lifestyle.
113-109 McPhillips Ave SSI
Reservations for the feast end June 09.
Tickets for the evening only in advance and at the gate. Limited Capacity.

:Local Farm Feast:
Enjoy a seated dinner at Duck Creek Farm, dining on a fully Salt Spring produced meal. Dishes grown and prepared by:
Duck Creek Farm
Earth Candy Farm
Foxglove Farm
Moonstruck Cheese
Stowel Lake Farm
Seven Ravens Farm
Salt Spring Spouts & Mushrooms
Winged Heart Farm

:Evening Entertainment:

:Resilience Discussion:

:Interactive Kids Zone:
Brad Rhadwood

The Sea to Seed Tour is an experimental collaboration between artists, media makers and farmers to explore the potential for art and culture to effectively support those on the land who are working to localize food systems, cultivate sustainability and build community. Our intention was to spend a month touring by sailboat thru the islands of the Coast Salish Sea, collecting and sharing the stories of the farming communities there and learning more about how we could be of service to their work while sharing our own offerings with feasts and performances.
Our first tour was deeply inspiring and highly educational, as we learned together what it takes not only to approach sustainability on small islands and to create effective media into support of that work, but also to tour on a small boat with a smaller budget and with a crew of big characters.
For our second tour this year, we will be returning to many of the same farms, deepening relations with the people and the land, applying our learnings from last year into creating larger local farm to table feasts, integrated with the music and poetry performances. Our theme this year for the tour and the media created from it will be Resilience, a term that continued to arise during our previous travels. For us, Resilience is about creating whole system approaches that can respond and adapt in intelligent ways to circumstances as they arise, while contributing in positive ways to the web within which we are all embedded. It is our hope that as we learn more about these ways we will also embody them more fully, creating accessible and inspiring examples for others who are seeking to be a part of creating culture that is infused with joy because it is of service to all life.
We thank everyone who made this project possible, and to everyone who has shown support.

If you would like to support Sea To Seed and the other projects of Over Grow The System continue to grow strong, we ask you to consider becoming a monthly patron of the project at


Photo highlights:









Thanks to Vasho Pekar and Sydney Woodward for the photos.


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