Working on the Farm

There are a variety of tasks involved in growing food – seeding, planting, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, tilling, preparing beds, composting, pruning, washing, watering and more. Throughout the season you will have a chance to experience each of these first hand and learn about how each vegetable grows. All plants have different needs and our job as organic farmers is to cater to these needs as best we can and create the optimal environment for their growth. You will learn which nutrients plants need to grow and the skills you need to help them reach their highest potential.

Working in the sun doing physical labour can be exhausting. Workers are expected to work 6-8 hours/day.

We always welcome new faces on the farm and are grateful for help. We prefer to have full-season interns to stay with us throughout the summer season (limited space) or we host work/harvest parties for big jobs. If you are interested in working at Duck Creek please call us at 250-537-5942 or email


DSC_7378braiding garlicDSC_7373farm babes


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